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Dennis Grubb, Director, has experience in emerging markets across Europe, Latin America, Asia (India, Sri Lanka, China, Korea, Thailand, Pakistan), Africa, Balkans, and the frontier markets of Mongolia, Ukraine , Romania as an advisor for capital market reform activities. He has been engaged by Deloitte, Pricewaterhouse, E & Y,  managing private and public sector international clients.

Dennis serves as a non executive Director at the Aries Group( for ADB, EU, USAID ,IMF and WB projects. Prior employment in New York, London, and Bombay with investment firms.

His leadership,diplomacy,integrity,and character enable him to counsel and navigate complex client relationships globally .

Practice areas:

capital markets risk mitigation
private banking/trading
privatisation/inward investment
corporate finance
microfinance/access to capital
regulatory reform
public affairs
private wealth transactions

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